ES Torreperogil Frankfestival

by Sally After a very scenic five hour drive across Spain we finally arrived in Torreperogil, a traditional small Spanish town sitting high in the hills of Andalucia. The large church dominated the skyline as we approached. 

This very special one night concert was held in the old part of the town of Torreperogil at the Auditorio Torres Oscuras (old towers). The auditorium itself was set between two ancient towers - one square and one octagonal, which had been part of the original 13th centuary castle. The music event called 'Frankfest' happens every year (so named after the original 'Frank' who started the music festival many years ago).


The night was cold as we walked from our hotel through the cobbled streets, with flyers advertising this event on every street corner.

The doors opened at 9pm and we stepped into ancient history. The towers on either side were illuminated - rows of seats were set into the floor of the auditorium and flames from a BBQ were warming the air.


By 9.30pm the auditorium was beginning to fill up with groups of friends, mostly young people and music was being played over the system drawing more people inside.


The show began with Spanish group 'A La Calle' who the predominately young audience obviously knew. They rocked their way through the first part of the show - then it was time for Dutch bands 'John the Revelator' and 'Zo Blues' with special guest Snowy White. The band took the stage.


At first sight of Snowy the audience started to move forward towards the stage and we squeezed ourselves into front position where the show really began for us.


Snowy was in fine form as he started with 'No Stranger to the Blues', a good blues'y number followed by 'Little Wing', one of my favourite instrumentals.

Next up was 'Blues is the road' - the audience was really warming up now, with more people out of their seats. Then came 'Red Wine Blues', a hot number, followed by 'Hot for the Money' which had us all singing along.


'Good Morning Blues' came next, then soulful 'World Keep on turning'; then 'Working Blues' another soulful number. So many great songs and much appreciation from the fans.


We continued rocking the night away with 'One Shot Away', 'Pretty Woman', a real 'rocking tune', Peter Green's 'I loved another woman', 'Rolling with my baby' and Snowy's last song of the evening, Peter Green's classic  - 'Black Magic Woman'.


Wow - what a night of fabulous blues, our ears were ringing with guitar sounds.